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Discover why large and mid-sized

enterprises rely on eLabs to modernize

their billing and revenue operations.

We make complex billing look easy.

Welcome to elabs inc.

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Who are our Clients?

Our clients are large and mid-sized North American businesses who rely on eLabs to provide scalable billing in complex and recurring revenue models.

Fast, reliable, hassle-free

We work with clients to map their specific workflows and reporting needs ensuring smooth integration, onboarding and service delivery.

Our platform provides customizable reporting and automates data capture, altering, and billing functions ensuring a complete and hassle free billing solution.

safe, private & Secure

Data security has never been more important. That is why all components of eLabs infrastructure are 100% owned and managed by us.

Clients can trust that their data is safe, secure and available at all times using industry leading SSL encryption, continuity and disaster recovery practices.

planning & strategy

All engagements begin with workshops and data collection exercises designed to gain a thorough understanding of client business processes, applications, and stakeholder requirements. Through structured collaboration, we begin to build the existing and future workflow topologies that will form the foundation of your unique solution.

design, develop & IMPLEMENT

Leveraging our nearly 20 years experience we will create a unique integrated blueprint for how your business invoices and processes billing’s. This includes all 3rd party integrations, forms, workflows, reporting, processing and user access hierarchies.

test,  deliver & LUNCH

We launch our first billing run only after extensive testing and onboarding is complete. Our customer service team is there to support you and continues to stay engaged to assist as your needs and requirements evolve.


For 20 years, eLabs has helped clients implement and manage complex billing solutions in support of recurring invoicing and billing requirements.

We are a team of industry veterans in billing, process management, systems architecture and implementation. We work as an integrated part of our clients team ensuring their billing runs and payment processing are accurate and reliable.

Start focusing on growing your business and not the business of complex billing cycles.

Contact us to find out how we can help make billing Simple, Accurate and Reliable.


7657 Bramalea Rd.
Brampton, ON  L6T 5V3


Tel. (905) 286-1070
Email: info@elabsinc.com