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Why your finance department needs an upgrade in 2021

Does it seem like all other departments are modernizing and innovating, while accounting systems are stuck in the past? This reality is negatively impacting businesses now more than ever. With changing work environments, and pivoting business strategies, 80% of CFOs globally have seen accelerated digital transformation of their business in response to COVID 19. The […]

How to increase revenue and make better business decisions

More than 50% of mid-market businesses rely on spreadsheets to manage their accounts receivables and reporting. There is only so much insight to be gained from standard pivot tables. The manual compilation and analysis of the data leave organizations the vast majority of organizations to experience billing errors. Better visibility and reporting around your billing […]

Best practices for accounts receivable automation

Companies that rely on manual processes to manage collections, spend only 20% of their time communicating with their customers about payment. Too much time is spent manually gathering information and prioritizing actions. By implementing tools and processes to automate and streamline account receivables workflows, companies can increase customer facing tasks by over 300%. This infographic […]