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How to increase cash flow without making more sales

Cash flow is the fuel that runs your business. Now more than ever, businesses are focused on their cash-flow management. How much did we take in? How much did we spend? What’s left? The reality is that most businesses lack the modern systems, workflows, and processes required to truly maximize cash flow. These inefficiencies are […]

Transform your accounting department from paper pushers

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How to get paid faster without disrupting your processes

Most late payments are due to compliance or administrative problems such as incorrect invoices or receiving the invoice too late to process payment on established credit terms. In this white paper, discover how to reduce manual effort and drive greater predictability in your collections process. You will learn how: Save money throughout the payment lifecycle […]

Five ways data can increase revenue and make better decisions

53% of mid-market businesses rely on spreadsheets to manage their accounts receivables and reporting. But there is only so much insight to be gained from standard pivot tables. The manual compilation and analysis of the data leaves organizations 94% more likely to experience billing errors. Mitigate these risks with better visibility and reporting around your […]

Five ways to add automation to your finance department

As companies look to streamline their accounts receivable and get more operational insight, automation is a powerful way to do business better and faster. The BOSS40 platform drives efficiencies for subscription businesses through: Proprietary machine learning technology that offers independent billing data quality assurance and validation Data visualization that track all financial data and provides […]