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Round Table: Innovating Revenue

Zoom Webinar: Tuesday, July 21st 2020 from 1-1:45PM EDT

The only thing predictable about the second half of 2020 is that it’s going to be mostly unpredictable. What we do know is that businesses everywhere are taking serious looks at their top and bottom line forecasts, and are implementing strategies that will help them adapt and respond to new market challenges and fast moving market opportunities. Join eLabs on July 21 as we host our monthly CFO RoundTable, a peer discussion about Financial Innovation in 2020.

Discussion will be dynamic based on the flow of the conversation, with a guided focus around:

  • Preparing for economic downturn, additional business disruption and general uncertainty
  • Innovating products and services to stabilize, and develop new revenue streams
  • Improvements for enabling remote finance work and remote finance management

If you still depend on spreadsheets to manage your receivables, eLabs would love to help.

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